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The Performance December 12, 2010

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The festive mood continues here with the excitement of the year 2 Christmas performance. It was called “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, but due to a far more complex plot than last year, and some particularly tricky choreography, I have to admit to not really following what was supposed to be going on.

And I wasn’t alone. Baffled Mummies and Daddies congregated in the playground afterwards and asked in hushed tones, what part their child had played, whilst simultaneously congratulating their offspring for their “outstanding” performance.

My son and his class were dressed in their white PE shorts, a pink tie-dyed t-shirt with sequins, and fur-covered polystyrene cups on their ears. Be honest, it’s not exactly a give away is it? Apparently they were travellers, and were off to visit Father Christmas. There was something to do with a performing troupe, a group of baddies, and a delayed sleigh, but that aside, I really didn’t grasp much else.

The songs were many and lengthy. There was no chance of any of them managing to remember all the words, so each number ended up as a bit of a muffled hum. The only recognisable song was the traditional “Twelve Days of Christmas”, which would have been fabulous were it not for the fact that two of the five classes of children, started 20 seconds before the rest of their peers. We ended up with Lords a Leaping at the same time as Drummers Drumming and two lots of Gold Rings. My son had previously said it was a shame there were no Lady Gaga songs incorporated, so I suppose it could have been worse!

And the choreography was something else! There were handstands and cartwheels, juggling and hula hooping, marching and skipping. My poor son looked absolutely bewildered but thankfully, had a strong partner who literally dragged him around the stage and nudged him at frequent intervals.

All in all, it was pure comedy. Terrible timing, dreadful singing, out of time dancing and a few hiccoughs with the microphones just to really get into the spirit of the performance. Dogs in the street lay down and winced as the recorder playing began.

The children were beside themselves with pride at their performance, and the adults, desperately trying to compose themselves having sniggered throughout most of the proceedings.

It doesn’t quite beat my son’s first nativity play, when he fell out with one of his fellow kings over the seating arrangements on stage and burst into tears. This was swiftly followed by a slight tussle between Mary and Joseph who promptly fell off the stage and into the audience.

However, as school plays go, this was up there with the best of them!


School Play March 28, 2010

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This week’s great excitement has been the Year 1 performance. Entitled ‘Ballooning Around The World’ it starred every single child in Year 1 – a grand total of 116 children. Let’s just say I’m glad I wasn’t in charge. 3 seem to defeat me most days.

My son had one of only a handful of speaking parts and was bursting with excitement days in advance. By the morning of the show we could hardly contain him. We all knew his line, could hum along to the song and had been fully briefed on where he had to sit on stage.

Proud grandparents in tow, we arrived at school for the 830 am performance. The stars get a little weary as the day wears on so apparently it’s best to catch them first thing to ensure a seamless performance. Leave it any later and there are tantrums, tears and hair-pulling. I’ve heard it’s just the same at the RSC.

The show was a knockout. Out of time singing, enthusiastic dance moves, a few hiccoughs from the cd player and much waving at the crowd of parents, grandparents and siblings.

As the children filed out of the school hall at the end of the show I felt like every proud mummy should. My son marched past the end of our row with a beaming grin as he clocked us all and just one thought crossed my mind.

It would have been nice if one of his teachers had realised he had his trousers on back to front!