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Hand Me Downs October 11, 2010

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I’ve been having a clear out in preparation for our house move on Saturday and discovered that I am guilty of some serious hoarding. There are cupboards full to bursting with cast offs from both big brother and the twins that I can’t bear to part with.

I decided to try to put sentimentality aside, and arrange them into piles. Firstly the nice stuff – in good condition, that can be passed on to friends without embarrassment.

Secondly, the not so nice stuff that was given as gifts. T-shirts with things like, “If you think I’m bad, you should meet my Dad” and such like. Or, the stuff that was worn so much, it has faded / worn through / been irreparably stained by bolognaise. That pile is heading for the charity shop. It’s the thought that counts remember.

And then there’s the third pile of pure nostalgia. The baby gros I can’t get rid of because I can still picture my girls in them, curled up together in a shared Moses basket. Big brother’s tiny Ferrari shirt, optimistically bought by Daddy on one of his many overseas work trips, that took a full year for him to grow into. And the outfit he wore on his first ever trip to the UK – brown and cream striped leggings with matching jumper, hat and gloves. All three of them wore that at some point. I can’t just let it go. It’s practically a family heirloom.

Pile 1 is a reasonable size, pile 2 fairly negligible, but pile 3 is a whopper. So much so that I’ve started justifying keeping practically all big brother’s clothes from the age of 2 upwards, in the misguided belief that the girls will one day wear them.

Now I know deep down that this is never going to happen. For one thing, having twin girls means regular, generous gifts of clothing from doting grandparents, aunts, uncles and godparents. It also means that however much I might have thought that they’d wear the “Fix It” tool covered t-shirt and the cute little shorts with cars all over them, it just won’t ever happen, because the twins are smaller, and well, more girly.

I can just about put the blonde and the brunette in big brother’s old pj’s without feeling remorse. They are all blue and have either trains, cars or trucks on them. From age 2 they’ll be sporting pirates and aeroplanes, and from age 3 there are robots and spaceships. Age 4 is trains and buses.

As if it’s not bad enough that you’ve got a sibling of the same age to contend with, my twins don’t even get their own sleepwear. Do you think they might call social services?


PJs versus Sleepsuits May 24, 2010

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The twins have a vast selection of sleepwear. Some of it inherited from their older brother; some of it kindly given as gifts by doting grandparents, godparents and friends. Mostly, this sleepwear is in the form of traditional baby sleepsuits. You know, the kind with covered feet and poppers from head to foot? They’re a devil to put on a wriggling child but undoubtedly the cosiest form of sleepwear known to man. I’m happy to admit I’d love them to make them in my size.

Anyway, among the piles of sleepsuits, a pair of traditional pyjamas has crept in. They were a gift from the girls’ godparents and are cute in the extreme (the pyjamas, not the godparents, though they are obviously, very nice people). One pair has a picture of a very well-loved teddy on them, the other, a picture of Lola from Charlie and Lola and a caption explaining how she’s “not ever sleepy, not even at midnight o’clock”.

And here’s the thing; my little observation from this evening. With a sleepsuit on, my girls still look like babies. Albeit quite large babies, but babies nonetheless. With the pyjamas on, my babies turn into little girls. They literally look twice as old.

Don’t ask me how, or why this is but it’s true. And the really bizarre thing is, it made me feel a little sad. My tiny babies are growing up and they really aren’t babies any more. They are little girls. And let’s not forget, they are little girls with attitude. Who needs Lola? I’ve got the blonde and the brunette to contend with.