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Big Day January 4, 2011

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So as big days go, this is surely up there with the best of them.

A new year.

A new school term.

First day at nursery.

And twinsmummy went back to work.

That’s right. Twinsmummy is back in the professional workforce. It’s a frightening thought. After two years of non-stop nappies and an unnatural reliance on wet wipes; I am back to being called by my real name, and to engaging my brain in issues moderately more challenging than ‘how can I disguise these carrots and leeks into something that my children will willingly digest?’ and ‘at what point do I admit defeat and accept that neither of my toddlers understands the purpose of a potty?’

I went to my new office for the first time this morning and tried to resist the urge to rock back and forth on my lovely comfy leather chair with my head in my hands. What on earth have I done? Surely this was a mistake? I’m not sure my brain is capable of intelligent thought processes any longer.

I spent the first hour hoping no one would ask me any trick questions (Are you lost?, can I call someone to come and collect you?, how many fingers am I holding up?)

I was introduced to my new team and promptly forgot everyone’s name and role which will surely be my undoing on day 2. I did however discover where to find a ready supply of caffeine, and even managed to find the underground car park, which given it is in the middle of a building site, was something of an achievement.

In what was undoubtedly an unfair move, I was despatched to a client meeting in my first hour of employment. I decided there was only one way to approach the situation and adopted my best confident grin and vigorous hand-shaking technique. They seemed to fall for it.

I left the office after three and a half hours feeling a mixture of exhilaration and exhaustion. I was elated to have survived, and towards the end of my stint, had even managed to contribute something. Whether or not it held any value I have no idea, but they want me to come back tomorrow so I can’t have totally disgraced myself.

As I arrived at nursery to collect the blonde and the brunette, I realised that being free of them for a morning had been really quite enjoyable. The big question was, did they feel the same?

There was no need to worry. I was greeted with cheery smiles and enormous hugs. They ambled their way out of the building clutching their new Maisy backpacks, waving nonchalantly at their new friends and carers.

We went home to big brother, and enjoyed celebratory  raisin sponge fingers.

Seemed to go ok. Shall we do it all again tomorrow then?



How could we live without Maisy? May 11, 2010

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This week, the girls and I are LOVING Maisy.

My son didn’t have any Maisy books so they are a new experience for us all and I have to say, if I believed in the after-life, I’d want to come back as Maisy.

She has a great existence. She spends her days out and about with her best friends who, for reasons best known to the mouse are an elephant, a squirrel, a chick and a crocodile. Fairly dangerous company for a mouse to be keeping you’d think, but no, Maisy just loves them.

We have a book about her best friends, one about who she loves the most, and a fantastic Christmas Eve story which my son insists we read, despite the fact it’s mid-May and 40 degrees outside.

She bakes cakes, she goes camping, she visits the farm. Her lifestyle beats the corporate rat race any day I reckon.

However, the best book by far, is Maisy Goes Swimming.  This is a ‘lift the flap’ book which takes you step-by-step through the lengthy process of Maisy getting into her swimsuit. Sound a bit dull? Try telling my daughters! They think it’s hilarious.

The squeals of joy get louder and louder until finally, the best page of all. Maisy takes off her bloomers.


Go and check it out in your local bookshop. It’s very risqué. In fact, given the restrictions of Muslim culture which apply here in Dubai, I’m surprised it hasn’t been banned.

I mean let’s face it, you get thrown in jail and then deported for kissing a male friend on the cheek in a restaurant. What on earth would they make of mouse porn?