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Top 10 Conversations February 25, 2011

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With the rapid expansion of their vocabulary, the twins are inevitably discovering a few challenges with their pronunciation.

My favourite phrases this week are as follows, with English interpretations included!

1. MUMMEEE CUGGLES (Mummy please can I have a cuddle)

2. COOARLA STRALIA NICKEEEEE (Koalas live in Australia as does Auntie Nicky)

3. SGETTI MOR MOR MOR (I’d like some more spaghetti bolognaise please)

4. CAKK OUT? (Any chance of some chocolate mummy?)

5. NORRTY MAN (Naughty man – directed at the handyman, we’re not sure why!)

6. MEEFFEE WEED? (Please read me another Miffy book)

7. AMMAL BEE KITS? (Can we have some of those lovely animal biscuits?)

8. TWEEN! (I’m a twin!)

9. WAR KING PACK? (Shall we go for a walk to the park?)

10. KEES BECKER (I’ve hurt myself, please kiss it better)


Secret Language March 29, 2010

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I read a lot about twins in the build up to the birth of my girls, and one recurring topic was the ‘secret language’ that is apparently shared by multiples.

Blessed with a unique bond and an ability to feel and share emotions far more acutely than mere siblings, twins apparently often develop their own method of communicating that only they can understand.

I have been avidly watching my girls waiting for signs that they too share a special language but to date, there’s been no evidence that they share anything other than a need to cry, complain or whine when they are a) tired, b) hungry or c) need changing.

So far, so predictable.

Twin 1 uttered her first proper word about a week ago. Disappointingly (for me at least), that word was ‘Daddy’. I consoled myself with the fact that it’s easier to say than ‘Mummy’ apparently. Something to do with the ‘d’ sound being more natural and requiring less effort.

I could have let her off if it hadn’t been for the fact that her first word was followed pretty swiftly by her second word. Which was ‘bear’.

Twin 2 has yet to say anything that remotely resembles the English language but the pressure is on for her to grasp the tricky ‘m’ sound or else ‘Mmmmmummy’ may just get the hump.

But back to the point. Whilst neither of them has a firm grasp of conversational skills, over the last week there has been a very noticeable increase in communication between the two of them. One makes a noise; the other giggles. One burbles something incomprehensible; the other retorts. They actually look as though they are having a conversation. Now, I don’t want to be taken in by everything I read, but I’m starting to think these twins experts may have got it right.