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A class act April 28, 2010

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I am convinced my twin daughters are destined for the stage. Over the past couple of days they have perfected the art of ‘the grand entrance’ and in doing so, have provided hours of amusement for the rest of us.

We live in an old villa in Dubai. Old in Dubai means anything that was built more than 5 years ago. We’re not talking a Georgian townhouse or 18th Century farmhouse. It has no architectural merit that I can find. In fact, armed with his Lego collection, my son could have designed something far more attractive that would have impressed Kevin McCloud and generated a spread in Homes and Gardens.

Anyway, the point is, the girls room in our ‘old’ house has a slightly strange layout as the curtains are not at the windows, but instead, hung above an opening that would have originally been the doorway to a balcony. At some point in its lengthy (!) history, the owners have obviously decided that the balcony was unnecessary and instead, incorporated it into the room by filling in the space with floor to ceiling windows.

So, what we’ve ended up with is a room with curtains, behind which is a much smaller room that has floor-to-ceiling glass and is therefore about as cool as a sauna. Given that this is the girls room, we try to leave the curtains shut as much as possible in an attempt to keep the temperature down.

The girls have now cottoned on to the fact that they can crawl through the curtains to the other side. They have also realised that by then crawling back through one of the other openings at either end, they can ‘surprise’ the waiting audience on the other side. Cue much hilarity.

By leaving a moment for dramatic effort, they can then burst through the curtains to applause and laughter. And if they do it simultaneously, with one twin at each end of the curtains, they generally get a cuddle for being so clever.

I’m just wondering at what age will RADA take them?


Kevin McCloud April 18, 2010

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I’ve always been a fan of Grand Designs. For those not familiar it’s a television programme in the UK following the experiences of people who decide to build their own homes.

They invariably follow couples with a budget that’s far too small, a vision that’s far too big, and a hugely unrealistic grasp of the time, money and emotional drain that’s involved in a self-build project. There are almost always fallings out with the builders and/or the architects, at least one of which will end up getting fired. It’s great TV.

Due to the dire state of the television here in Dubai, we’ve resorted to buying numerous dvd’s of British TV shows. It reminds us of home and inspires us that one day, we too may restore a medieval banqueting lodge and spend a year on site in a caravan. Then again…

Anyway, we’ve recently been watching one of the early series’ of Grand Designs and so the dvd box is lying around in the lounge. This afternoon, twin 1 took a great interest in it, by which I mean that after chewing, licking and sitting on it, she actually appeared to be studying the images with much studious concentration.

She held the box in her little hands and stared intently for a considerable amount of time. And then the worrying part. She started pointing at Kevin McCloud and saying ‘Daddy’. And not just once. This went on for some time. ‘Daddy, Daddy’ and lots of grinning in delight.

Now, I’ve always thought he seems like a lovely man. He is incredibly eloquent and extremely talented in the field of house building. But the father of my children? No, I don’t think so.