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New Shoes June 6, 2010

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Another historic milestone has been reached this weekend as we took the girls to buy their first shoes. I’m not sure they were as excited as I was about this shopping trip. If they were looking forward to it in any way, they certainly kept it to themselves.

We piled everyone into the car and headed off to the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world, apparently. They have a vast selection of shops including that iconic British brand, Clarks; so we felt sure we’d find exactly what we needed.

As it turned out, Clarks in Dubai doesn’t offer children’s shoes. Another of those little anomalies that drive me mad and make me curse Dubai. It’s like the fact that they can offer every single variety of Dorset Cereals known to man, but Twinings Everyday teabags, Cadbury’s Whole Nut and Wispa bars? No chance. I can’t be the only person that stuffs them in her suitcase every time I travel back from the UK, can I?

Anyway, we were eventually directed to Ecco Kids which I have to admit, from the name alone, didn’t fill me with hope. However, the fact that it had a separate children’s entrance that was barely a metre high and led to a mini bridge with stairs to climb, meant my son was swiftly enticed into the store. Once inside, he soon spotted the Wii and the television; again at the perfectly planned child-friendly height; so that was the last we saw of him for the duration of our visit.

There was a fairly substantial range of shoes to choose from, so having measured the girls’ feet (without even an ounce of co-operation from either of them), we dispatched the assistant to the store-room to bring us a selection to try on.

At this point, the girls started to show some interest. Lots of shoes meant lots of boxes, and boxes have lids. For the next few minutes they busied themselves removing all the lids that they could find and then scrunching up the tissue paper laid on top of all the shiny new shoes.

We then played ‘catch your baby’ for a fair while as they both seemed fascinated by the shop exit. This was followed by wrestling them both to the ground in a desperate attempt to actually apply some shoes. It was a fairly exhausting process so once we’d established that the first pair fit, we wearily smiled at the assistant and said we’d take them. The thought of trialing any further pairs was just too much to bear.

As I handed over the cash, I had a little eureka moment. Contrary to my husband’s firm-held belief that a certain brand of shoes of which I am fond, are vastly overpriced; my fabulous Choos are actually amazingly good value. I paid the equivalent of £50 per pair for the girls sandals and by my reckoning, we’ll be doing really well if they last until October. So, that’s a cost per month of around £12.50. I’ve yet to throw out a pair of Jimmy’s finest so frankly, as far as I’m concerned, my £ per month ratio is looking pretty damn reasonable.

I wonder when their sale starts?


Reasons to Celebrate April 7, 2010

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2010 is rapidly becoming celebration central. Both my parents will celebrate their 65th birthday’s this year as well as their 40th wedding anniversary.

I think it’s officially a ‘ruby wedding anniversary’ but frankly, I think you deserve a darn sight more than a ruby for surviving 40 years of marriage.

My grandmother used to say that only ‘ladies of the night’ wore rubies. I was probably around 7 years old when she passed on this valuable insight and I have to say, I was perplexed as to why you’d put on your best jewellery to go out into the dark. It took a few years before the penny dropped!

In addition to my parent’s significant celebrations, we will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. I’m not actually sure what 10 represents but I’m thinking that if it’s only a ruby for 40 years, I’m probably looking at Lego or MDF for our meagre achievement.

My sister and her boyfriend will both turn 30 this year. I’m obviously incredibly envious. 30 seems like a distant memory and sounds so young. I now have a significant number of friends in their 40s and even, dare I admit it, a few in their 50s. Moving swiftly on…

Back to the celebrations. We’ve already celebrated the twins 1st birthday a couple of months ago which was another great excuse to crack open the champagne.

Neither my husband nor I achieved any milestone age this year thank goodness. Gone are the days when ‘big’ birthdays are looked forward to. They are now viewed with trepidation and in some cases, vigorously denied!

My son thinks every birthday is a major event so I’m sure his 6th birthday in July will be a serious social occasion. He normally starts planning his birthday as we’re taking down the Christmas tree and this year was no exception. I have almost weekly updates on where might be a good party venue, or a suggestion for the gift list.

So, let’s be honest, we weren’t exactly short of events to look forward to.

And then my sister announced her engagement!

This should hardly have come as a surprise as the happy couple have been together for years, but somehow when you get that phone call, it seems as though it’s the most amazing, unforseen announcement ever. My husband and I enjoyed a sneaky glass of wine with lunch to toast the happy news and not for the first time, wished we weren’t so far away from home.

Now, sandwiched between the big birthday’s and various anniversaries we have an engagement and a wedding to look forward to.

I’m fairly daunted by the thought of all the thoughtful, imaginative and original gifts that will need purchasing before the many parties take place, but on the plus side, what a great excuse for new shoes!