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Turkey Lurkey December 29, 2011

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A festive list of the amount of turkey consumed in twinsmummy’s household since Christmas day:

25th Dec – Lunch = Roast turkey plus all the trimmings

25th Dec – Dinner = Turkey sandwiches plus most of the trimmings

26th Dec – Lunch = Roast turkey plus some of the trimmings

26th Dec – Dinner = Turkey risotto with hidden sprouts

27th Dec – Lunch = Turkey sandwiches – trimmings thin on the ground

27th Dec – Dinner = Mince pies / Chocolate truffles and festive crumble…

28th Dec – Lunch = A tactical spag bol as twinsmummy knows the turkey curry is imminent

28th Dec – Dinner = The unavoidable turkey curry

29th Dec – Lunch = More of the unavoidable turkey curry

29th Dec – Dinner = Are we allowed to go out and buy any non-turkey related grub yet?


Festive Purchases December 19, 2011

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One of the best things about the build up to Christmas is the sheer volume of seasonal retail opportunities available. It’s a great time to buy things just because they are:

a) red

b) gold

c) covered in jaunty-looking robins

d) look beautiful arranged artistically in the Pottery Barn window

e) all the above

Last week, my mum and I managed  a couple of child-free hours to hit the shops and during this time, I indulged myself in a spot of utterly unnecessary Christmas retail therapy. Totally sucked in by the gorgeously styled table displays, I found myself at the till of Crate and Barrel with snowflake shaped ramekins that I’d decided were obligatory for our festive celebrations.

We already own white ramekins that match our daily dinner service, purple ramekins that match our smart dinner service, and a dozen blue Le Creuset ramekins that are oven-proof, dishwasher-proof and twins mummy-proof. Then there are the two heart-shaped ramekins that come out once a year in recognition of Valentine’s day.

It’s therefore perfectly clear that I don’t own nearly enough ramekins so it was Crate and Barrel’s lucky day.

I can’t mention what else I bought in case twinsdaddy is reading this but suffice to say, he’s also benefited from my seasonal spending!

Yesterday I decided to unwrap my ramekins and find them a spot in my fit-to bursting kitchen. The girls spotted the tissue paper packages and started cooing and aaaahing expectantly so I advised that it was now most definitely Christmas as mummy had bought snowflake shaped ramekins.

More cooing and aaahing.

The girls took one look at the ramekins and I think were a little disappointed after my big festive build up.

I tried to build enthusiasm. “Aren’t they pretty? They’re like big red snowflakes.”

Ooh yes said the blonde, “It’s like Christmas. Mummy got big red CORNflakes.”

We could start a new festive trend!


Pragmatic December 11, 2011

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This morning, Nana and Babar left us after a week of pre-Christmas festivities. In the last week we’ve made mince pies, we’ve created paper chain snowmen and painted festive penguins, and in spite of the near 30 degree heat outside, we all firmly embraced the festive season.

As their flight left at 8am, the grandparents were up and away before any of the children awoke.

When I went to help the big brother dress for school, he was predictably glum. He’s always the same and requires a big helping of TLC to get him through the first day ‘sans grandparents’. We had lots of hugs and reassuring conversations of how it would be ‘no time at all’ until we see them again, and by the time he trooped off to school, his bottom lip was no longer wobbling.

I was a bit nervous broaching the subject with the girls. The brunette has clung to my father like a little shadow for the past 7 days. She realised early on that if she played helpless, he’d invariably pick her up and carry her wherever required, or feed her spoon after spoon to save her the effort at meal times!

There was no need to worry.

I gently mentioned in passing that Nana and Babar had gone to the airport and then sat back and waited for the howling to begin. The blonde merely shrugged and clarified that they were “going on a plane to Eeeen-gland” while the brunette pointed out the glaringly obvious reason for their departure….

“Nana and Babar have gone to feed Freddie”.

Which is a good point really, as the poor cat must be starving by now!


All I want for Christmas October 13, 2011

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The big brother is, and has been on Christmas countdown for some weeks. He hasn’t yet written a list, but suggestions for Father Christmas are regularly discussed as he fine tunes his requests for the festive season.

When the topic was raised yesterday, I decided to see if the twins have any comprehension of Father Christmas and the giving and receiving of gifts.

“Would you like Father Christmas to bring you a present?”, I asked the blonde tentatively.

“Mmm I like Father Christmas bring a present”, she replied, before spreading her hands out, shrugging her shoulders and adding, “but I don’t know what Father Christmas brings for presents?”

“Well what would you like?”, I ask her.

More thinking and a bit more shrugging before I see a little grin creeping across her face as she thinks of something.

“I like purple”, she says. “And blue. I like purple and blue from Father Christmas”.

The brunette nods in agreement.

“We like purple presents from Father Christmas.”

Sounds like it’s unanimous then.


Christmas Cheer December 29, 2010

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Jingle bells, travelling’s hell,

child meals gone astray.

Just no fun, can I go and hide

as the twins have run away? Eh?


Jingle bells, can’t you tell,

the end of a long day.

Long haul flight, into the night

another gin please if I may.



The Performance December 12, 2010

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The festive mood continues here with the excitement of the year 2 Christmas performance. It was called “The Twelve Days of Christmas”, but due to a far more complex plot than last year, and some particularly tricky choreography, I have to admit to not really following what was supposed to be going on.

And I wasn’t alone. Baffled Mummies and Daddies congregated in the playground afterwards and asked in hushed tones, what part their child had played, whilst simultaneously congratulating their offspring for their “outstanding” performance.

My son and his class were dressed in their white PE shorts, a pink tie-dyed t-shirt with sequins, and fur-covered polystyrene cups on their ears. Be honest, it’s not exactly a give away is it? Apparently they were travellers, and were off to visit Father Christmas. There was something to do with a performing troupe, a group of baddies, and a delayed sleigh, but that aside, I really didn’t grasp much else.

The songs were many and lengthy. There was no chance of any of them managing to remember all the words, so each number ended up as a bit of a muffled hum. The only recognisable song was the traditional “Twelve Days of Christmas”, which would have been fabulous were it not for the fact that two of the five classes of children, started 20 seconds before the rest of their peers. We ended up with Lords a Leaping at the same time as Drummers Drumming and two lots of Gold Rings. My son had previously said it was a shame there were no Lady Gaga songs incorporated, so I suppose it could have been worse!

And the choreography was something else! There were handstands and cartwheels, juggling and hula hooping, marching and skipping. My poor son looked absolutely bewildered but thankfully, had a strong partner who literally dragged him around the stage and nudged him at frequent intervals.

All in all, it was pure comedy. Terrible timing, dreadful singing, out of time dancing and a few hiccoughs with the microphones just to really get into the spirit of the performance. Dogs in the street lay down and winced as the recorder playing began.

The children were beside themselves with pride at their performance, and the adults, desperately trying to compose themselves having sniggered throughout most of the proceedings.

It doesn’t quite beat my son’s first nativity play, when he fell out with one of his fellow kings over the seating arrangements on stage and burst into tears. This was swiftly followed by a slight tussle between Mary and Joseph who promptly fell off the stage and into the audience.

However, as school plays go, this was up there with the best of them!


WOW December 6, 2010

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It’s been a busy few days here. Last Thursday was National Day. A celebration of 39 years of the United Arab Emirates. There were parades, there were fireworks and flag waving a-plenty. It is a public holiday that everybody is granted, which is rare and therefore, definitely worth embracing.

So how did we celebrate this milestone? We spent the day putting up our Christmas decorations. Yes, you read that correctly. An entire day dedicated to the task of getting us all into the festive spirit. There are only a couple of weeks in December before we fly back to the UK for the Christmas break, so as far as we’re concerned, December 1st is the green light for the festive season to begin.

Given that it’s still almost 30 degrees most days, it’s not the traditional build up that we were used to back home. Our fairy lights don’t twinkle in the darkness; they compete with the sunshine.

We can’t wrap up warm and drink mulled wine in front of a roaring fire; but we can turn the air con up high and pretend that it’s a little chilly. I’ve taken to wearing my Uggs much to my husband’s amusement/concern for my sanity.

I kid myself that all of this is for the children’s benefit but of course that’s not the case. It’s all for me. I love Christmas. I love everything about it – the food, the carols, the family bust ups over Scrabble and the really poor television.

While my husband muttered expletives as he assembled the Christmas tree, branch by branch (and it’s 9ft tall so there are quite a few); I put the Christmas cd on and danced with the twins. My son found some tree chocolates that must have been packed away with the decorations, and discreetly scoffed them in the kitchen (they were purchased pre-allergy and have not been given the nut-free seal of approval!).

When the girls went for their nap, the tree was assembled, yet bare, so when they woke a couple of hours later, the house had quite literally been transformed.

The tree was decorated, the reindeer candles, mini-trees and musical box were all in situ, and even the paper chains had been hung.

There was only one word in my daughters’ vocabulary that could possibly do this magical scene justice.


As the girls toddled downstairs to the newly created winter wonderland, their eyes were out on stalks. They must have no memory of last Christmas, so for them, this is the most amazing thing they’ve ever experienced.

My son’s excitement is now solely focused on writing his list, sending it to Father Christmas, and doing his best to make sure that there is a full delivery on Christmas Eve.

For the girls’, the excitement is still all so innocent. The musical box that plays Silent Night keeps them amused for minutes at a time, and in toddler-time, that’s a pretty good result!

And every morning, as they come down the stairs for breakfast, they experience the excitement of the tree and its twinkling lights all over again, as if for the first time.

It’s fair to say that, “WOW, tree”, has become my most favourite phrase.