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Whose bright idea? June 28, 2010

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Yesterday, the twins and I went to Café Ceramique to paint plates.

In just typing those words it occurs to me how ridiculous this plan was. I mean, whoever thought that taking 16 month old toddling twins to a café full of breakable ceramics would be a good idea? And you know what the really daft thing was? The plan was to paint their hands and feet and print them on plates.


It’s as if I’ve learned nothing from the past year of my life. Taking twins anywhere, to do anything other than sit in a high chair or be pushed around in a buggy is fraught with danger. Even the seemingly fool-proof buggy and high chair outings can be disasters. Just ask the staff in Carluccio’s who’ve witnessed my children eating spaghetti ragu and then spent the best part of an hour following our departure, trying to return their restaurant to a standard that may just scrape through a Health and Safety visitation.

The plan was concocted by our baby group as a ‘novel’ change to our weekly meets for coffee and muffins at each other’s houses. I should have known that things weren’t going to go smoothly when it transpired there weren’t enough high chairs to go around. I ended up with one twin in the buggy, and one in a high chair. Neither of them was impressed.

We swiftly turned our attention to painting in the hope that we could get it done before both girls were asked to leave on account of their shouting and general bad behaviour. Raisins were hurled, water cups were tossed aside and poor Miffy could be scarred for life.

I painted twin 1’s hand with a delightful shade of purple and reached for the plate. She in turn shoved her entire hand in her mouth and greedily licked off all the paint. Anyone would think I didn’t feed her.

We re-applied the paint. She enjoyed her second ‘snack’.

I enlisted the help of another mummy who was tasked with grabbing the hand as soon as the paint was applied and shoving it down on the white plate. There was a fair amount of resistance. I think the finished plate will show at least 7 fingers, probably none of which are twin 1’s – they’re probably mine.

It was at about this stage that I revised my idea of two hands and two feet prints on each plate. One hand would suffice.

Onto twin 2. She seemed more accommodating while having her hand painted. She looked at the paint with some interest but resisted the urge to eat it. However, her game was the even more challenging ‘let’s make a fist and see if mummy can unwrap my fingers’. As fast as I released one finger, she clenched the others. Cue much giggling.

As we left the plates to be glazed, I glanced at our creations with a distinct sense of under-achievement. There will be a pink fingerless wonder from twin 2, and a freakish purple 7-fingered hand from twin 1. It wasn’t quite what I had in mind but then again, they’d make great entries for next year’s Turner Prize.


You Couldn’t Make It Up! June 5, 2010

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This morning I was reminded of the innocent charm that only a child possesses. I take it for granted that my son comprehends most of the world around him, but of course, there are gaps in his knowledge. There are misunderstandings, confusions and little mix ups that a lot of the time we’re not aware of as they exist only in his head.

This morning we took a trip out together to Dubai Festival City, a shopping mall very close to our home. We had been to Cafe Ceramique to paint pots a couple of weeks ago, and our creations were ready for collection. We set off with great excitement. He had painted a mug for me, and I had painted one for him so the deal was, we would collect the cups and then head home to try them out with tea and chocolate biscuits!

We arrived in the basement car park and headed to the nearest lift lobby. When the lift arrived we pushed the button for floor 1 then became somewhat nervous as the doors closed but the lift stayed motionless. I’m not a fan of enclosed spaces at the best of times, but add to that the oppressive heat down in the basement, it took all of about 2 seconds before I had my hand firmly on the open door button. To my relief, open it did, and out we trotted, somewhat disgruntled.

By this point, a friendly looking Indian lady had entered the lobby. I explained that the lift didn’t seem to be working and she informed me that it only goes to the ground floor. She seemed like a woman in the know so we trusted her explanation, got back in the lift, and sure enough, all arrived safely at the ground floor.

However, we had arrived around the back of the mall so were a little disoriented when we got out of the lift, not to mention blinded by the sun as we’d landed outside. My confusion must have been plain as she kindly pointed us in the right direction for the shops.

As we trotted into the mall, my son turned to me and said, “Mummy, I think that was an Arabic lady.”

“Sorry, which lady?”

“The lady that just told us which way to go.”

“No sweetie, she was an Indian lady. She was wearing traditional Indian clothes, not Arabic ones.”

“But she didn’t have a feather.”

“A feather?”

“Yes, you know, like proper Indians.”

It took a moment for the penny to drop. My son clearly thinks that Indians are of the ‘Red’ and ‘Native American’ variety.

Time for a little geography lesson…