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Lost in Translation February 15, 2011

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Twinsdaddy and I decided it was our community duty to make our neighbours aware of the break in at our home over the weekend.

We drafted a letter explaining what had happened, and what recommendations the police had made to keep our home more secure in future.

We thought it might help prevent anyone else suffering the same experience as us, which can only be a good thing. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

There are around a dozen villas on our compound and we share a pool, garden and gym in the communal area at the rear of all our properties.

We are a small community, and having only recently moved in, we don’t really know any of our neighbours other than to shout ‘hi’ over the garden wall.

I knocked on doors, passed over our letter, and explained the situation to everyone I met. They were all very kind, very sympathetic and I think, very grateful that we’d informed them.

And then I met Mr Lebanese.

I’ve spotted him on many occasions as he doesn’t seem to go to work and is often pottering around his garden during the day. I’d say he’s in his mid 40s, and I think he is the father of two young children who I’ve spotted playing in the shared gardens.

His garden is beautifully turned out and as a family, they are forever having friends over for social gatherings. There are always at least 10 people in their garden enjoying barbecues, chattering and having fun, often into the early hours.

None of which bothers us in the slightest as we are on the opposite side of the swimming pool, so any noise just doesn’t reach us. But in a quiet development, they stand out as being the ‘sociable’ family.

Bear with me, there’s a point to all of this.

By the time I get to Mr Lebanese, I’ve already spoken to about 4 households, so my patter is pretty well honed. As he opens the front door, I launch straight into my opener, explaining how I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that our home was broken into at the weekend.

He looks confused.

I repeat myself. “At the weekend, on Saturday, we had a break in”.

He tells me that yes, he’s free on Saturday.


“No, no. At our house, on Saturday, someone broke in”

He then tells me that he’d love to come to my house on Saturday and which number villa am I? Can he bring something?

By this point, I’ve started with the hand gestures.

“While we were sleeping, someone came into the house”

I’m making head on pillow gestures.

He’s now looking worried.

Terrific. He thinks I want him to come to my house and sleep with me.

This is not going well.

It is Valentine’s Day. Maybe he thinks this is how the British celebrate?

I will not be beaten. I resort to words of one syllable.

“A thief. He came in the house. At night. He broke the doors. He want to take things.”


“My husband chased him away.”

Relief as the word ‘husband’ is mentioned.

“We called the police.”

Finally, he understands me and looks horrified.  But by now I have the giggles. And I can’t stop.

I shove the letter in his hand and literally run away from his front door.

I don’t think we’ll be invited round for a barbecue any time soon.


A Bit of a Steal February 13, 2011

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Our week of birthday fun and frivolities came to a grinding halt in the early hours of Saturday morning as we fell victim to a break in at our home.

In all of the many homes we’ve lived in, we’ve been fortunate to have never been burgled before. This may have something to do with the fact that we don’t tend to live in any of our homes for very long before fate decides it’s time for us to move on!

Any would-be thieves are probably only just finishing their assessment of our suitability as targets when the removals lorries arrive and they’ve lost their opportunity.

Unfortunately, our run of good luck in this area has run out.

At around 4am on Saturday my husband was woken by the sound of what he thought was a balloon popping. There are around two dozen balloons in our lounge that we’d given the girls to play with on their birthday, so it wasn’t an unreasonable assumption. But then he heard the sound of someone walking around downstairs, and that definitely wasn’t part of the party pack.

I was woken by the glare of the landing lights and thought it strange that twinsdaddy would have risked waking the children at such an early hour. He hasn’t been sleeping very well so I padded downstairs expecting to find him waiting for the kettle to boil, Classic & Sports Car in hand.

Instead, as I made my way downstairs, I was greeted by a visibly shaken twinsdaddy brandishing a huge Maglite torch, holding my jewellery box.

In all honesty I was completely bemused.

The french doors were wide open, every light was on and my husband looked demonic. He hissed at me to call the police at which point the penny dropped and I started to feel quite scared.

It also highlighted the point that we didn’t actually know the number for the police in Dubai!

It transpired someone had forced open the locked french doors, crept upstairs to our bedroom and helped themselves to all my jewellery while we slept just a few feet away. They’d then gone back downstairs and left the jewellery box on the edge of the table next to the french doors, while they presumably started to check around the lounge for other easily flog-able, valuable items.

They had quite a choice. My lovely Macbook, a couple of Blackberries and an iPhone, two rather nice cameras, not to mention the keys to two luxury cars, were all lying around downstairs within easy grasp of an intruder.

It seems that twinsdaddy had illuminated the entire house at just the right moment as the culprit fled without managing to grab anything further or even stopping to collect the jewellery as he exited. He must be kicking himself this morning!

We spent the next few hours talking to police officers, all the while hoping that none of the children would wake and discover what was going on.

I can honestly say I’ve never felt more scared or more relieved as I have done in the past 24 hours. Scared witless of what ‘could have been’. And more relieved than I ever thought possible at the realisation that we are all safe and free from harm.

And I’ll be honest, more than just a little bit grateful that I haven’t lost my entire jewellery collection!

I now understand the victims of burglary who say they feel violated that someone has been in their house, uninvited. I feel a strange mix of vulnerability and sheer bloody anger that someone has dared come into our home whilst we were there.

And as for twinsdaddy, well frankly, we think he’s a bit of a hero.