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Change of Direction May 17, 2010

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I’m seriously thinking of permanently changing the subject matter of my blog.

A week or so ago I wrote a piece on my fascination with David Cameron’s taut and shine-free complexion.

Well, the number of hits on this particular post was astounding.

Now, whilst I think my little updates on our daily life are fascinating, I can also see that perhaps, the head of the Tory party (as he was at the point I was writing) may be of interest to a wider audience than those who simply log in to see if my fish are still alive.

The thing is, on inspecting the stats more closely, the people who reached my blog were searching for information on that very specific topic. “Has David Cameron had Botox?”. So it’s not just me who suspected as much. There is a very real and public interest in my observation. And that was before he became Prime Minister.

So I’m now thinking of new political insights, observations and shameless rumour-mongering that I could share with my lovely and loyal readers that would also appeal to the Dave Brigade. So far I’ve come up with the following topics for future discussion.

Isn’t it time that Nick Clegg went for a hair cut?

What does SamCam make of the decor in No. 10?

Wardrobe analysis – how many suit/tie combos can Dave get through in a week? He was looking pretty sharp in Wales today in a dark grey suit set off with a pistachio tie.

And of course the unavoidable debate – Dave & Nick versus Ant & Dec. Who do you trust more?


Has David Cameron had Botox? May 3, 2010

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Ok I’ll admit this has nothing to do with twins, or motherhood, or living in Dubai, or any of the topics that usually inspire my blog. It is however, very topical. I am after all, a Brit with a medium term plan to return to the UK to live.

On Thursday, a General Election will take place to decide the future government of the UK. Fear not, I have no intention of passing on any of my personal political wisdom (which is just as well really, as I’m not entirely sure I possess any personal political wisdom). I just wanted to throw something out there and give you something to contemplate on this May Bank Holiday Monday.

Do you think that David Cameron has had Botox?

I’m serious.

Most evenings, I flick on Sky News to see if anything important is happening in the world. And of course for the past month, whilst many other important things have happened, there has also been floor to ceiling coverage of Messrs. Brown, Cameron and Clegg smarming their way into my living room.

And it’s all so dull, and so predictable, and so confusing in many instances, that I’m afraid my mind has tended to wander off the key issues of the economy, immigration and education. Instead I find myself thinking, ‘well Brown and Clegg are very shiny, but David is looking incredibly taut and shine-free’.

So, I’ve come to the only logical conclusion.

Either he’s got Bobbi Brown on call, or he’s had Botox.