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Twinsmummy goes to Australia March 10, 2011

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The reason I’ve been a bit quiet lately is due to the fact that I’m currently on holiday in Australia.

No husband, no children. It’s a strange experience.

I optimistically packed my trusty Macbook thinking I’d be writing witty little blogs every day, given I’d have loads of free time with no children to look after.

But a funny thing has happened. We’ve got no wireless broadband in our beach house, which definitely limits the writing opportunities; but I also haven’t had much in the way of free time.

My best friend is getting married, and as her ‘right hand woman’, my role is to be on hand to help with all the last minute preparations. And there have been quite a few.

It’s over 10 years since I got married, so I’ve forgotten just how much needs organising. We’ve had outings to deliver cake ribbon, to make nail appointments, to book restaurants, and taxis.

We’ve talked about timings, and the weather, and the timing of the weather.

We’ve thought of Plans A, B and C.

It’s all been rather exhausting.

I’m starting to think that maybe bringing up three children isn’t such hard work after all.



Pre-Flight Nerves February 11, 2011

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Four weeks today my best friend is getting married and I’m going to be her bridesmaid.

Frankly, I think I’m a little too old for the whole bridesmaid shenanigans, but she assures me it’s just a dated title and my only duties will be escorting her to the spa the day before, opening the champagne on the morning of the big “I do”, and remembering to pack her lipstick in my clutch bag.

I refuse to even consider being labelled ‘matron of honour’, so if anyone asks, I’m the ‘best woman’.

At least she’s chosen a good location for it. She’s getting married on the beach in Sydney with a small, select group of friends and family in attendance. There will be great food, good wine and hopefully, fabulous weather. And no children!

Yes, I am attending the wedding without my ‘plus 4’.

The original idea was to take the entire family down under and make a holiday of it. But that plan was ruined by dull issues such as my son’s impending SATs, the fact that it’s term time, and the minor problem that to fly all 5 of us over to Sydney is only marginally less expensive than NASA’s space programme.

In a moment of weakness, my husband said that I should take the opportunity for a break from parenting duties, and head to Australia alone. I think as the moment draws ever closer, he may be regretting that decision, but I keep assuring him he’ll love the experience of holding down a full-time, incredibly demanding job whilst juggling the parenting of 3 equally demanding children.

Meantime, I’m having a few concerns of my own. I have no worries that the children will be absolutely fine. Grandma is flying out for the week to help out.

Big brother will be at school for 5 days, and the girls at nursery . I have written list after list detailing feeding, clothing, homework and play routines.

The freezer will be pre-stocked with stocks of low-resistance meals for all and I’m ready to take a more relaxed view of television and chocolate consumption for the week.

No, the thing that’s concerning me is how I’m going to cope. I have never been away from the girls, and only away from the big brother on a handful of occasions. Usually for 1 or 2 nights at most.

This trip is a rather epic 7 days mostly because it takes a full day to get there and back, meaning I’m only in Sydney for a mere 5 days.

I remember the first time I left the big brother it was for a work event on the Gold Coast. We were living in Singapore so it was a reasonably long flight that took most of a day. When we landed, I remember thinking that it would be my little one’s bedtime and having an overwhelming urge to just sit on the plane and fly back to Singapore to be with him.

As it was, I was staying at the Versace hotel for 4 days, so as soon as I arrived and checked into my rather decadent suite, my yearnings somewhat subsided!

So, I’ve got just over 3 weeks until I leave Dubai on my big trip east and the pre-flight nerves are setting in. I suppose the thing that worries me more than anything. What if they don’t even notice I’ve gone?


Bridesmaids and Buses June 7, 2010

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There’s a saying about buses and how there’s never one around when you want one, and then two arrive at once. Now I wouldn’t know anything about that as I don’t do buses, apart from the ones at the airport that you really have no choice about, and I still complain about those. The point is, I’m starting to think that it’s the same with being asked to be a bridesmaid.

The last time I was a bridesmaid it was 2002, and I have to say, I thought that was my final go. It was my fourth time as the flower-wielding, dress-holding, tissue-waving support act and I loved every minute of it. However, with my two best friends married off, I thought I’d probably done my bit for the sisterhood.

I have attended many other perfectly lovely weddings as a guest, but it’s just not the same as being on the inside. Being part of the ‘bridal party’. Getting to sit at the top table. Feeling obliged to crack open the champagne the minute you arrive at the hairdressers.

And let’s not forget, when you’re merely a guest, you have to buy your own dress!

When my sister announced her engagement a few months ago, I did think that she’d probably bypass me and go straight for the cute factor by asking my twin daughters to be flower girls. But no. It seems she wanted the old girl after all.

I like to think it’s because she couldn’t imagine walking down the aisle without her big sister at her side to support her, but if I’m honest, it’s probably got more to do with the fact that unlike my daughters, I’m toilet trained and can be safely left at a table with a knife and fork.

So, bridesmaid duties take 5 are starting to take shape. My sister has seen a dress for her and dresses for us. Frankly, I’m not sure she needs my help at all given there’s another 13 months to go until the wedding and aside from sending out the invites, she seems to have it all under control. However, I am a bridesmaid, and I’m sure that nearer the time, I will be an invaluable asset in the dress-holding and tissue-waving department.

It was all exciting stuff and I was pretty happy with the situation. I had something really lovely to look forward to being a part of.

And then my best friend asked me if I’d be her bridesmaid. Next year. In Sydney.

Well, what’s a girl to do…

Simple really. Start looking at flights. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.