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Bedtime Crisis April 22, 2011

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Sleepovers are becoming increasingly popular in the big brother’s social calendar and being the school holidays, this week was a prime opportunity for him to head over to Tallulah’s house for the night.

He’d been at another friend’s house in the morning whilst I was at work, so when he returned home, we were a little short on time. I asked him to get everything out on his bed that he needed for the night, and made helpful suggestions such as ‘PJs, toothbrush, Miffy’ etc.

He appeared downstairs a little later assuring me everything was ready and I just needed to pop it all in a bag for him.

It was about 4.45pm and the gruesome twosome were starting to become restless as tea time approached.

I dashed upstairs, plonked everything in the big brother’s wheelie case, not paying too much attention to the contents it has to be said; and then set about plying the girls with fish and peas.

Halfway through our game of pea tiddly-winks, Talullah arrived with her Mum to whisk number 1 son off for the night. From the moment she arrived I could get no sense out of him, delirious as he was at the thought of a night away and the promise of cinema and McDonald’s the following morning.

I barely got a second glance as he left home and had to cajole him into giving me a kiss as he left. And then he was gone. And it was just a girls night in.

There was a stack of work I needed to catch up on, so I packed the tiny people off to bed and grabbed a glass of Sauvignon blanc and my laptop and settled in for the night.

Twinsdaddy arrived home around 9pm at which point I abandoned work and decided there was no better time than the present to check in with Sky News and find out all the latest about the Royal Wedding. I am desperately excited!

At 930pm my phone rang and a quick glance showed it was Tallulah’s mummy. A desperate sinking feeling overcame me. Was he ill? Or homesick? Or having another nightmare about the headless man?

Oh no.

Mummy had neglected to pack Miffy and Stripey!

The ultimate faux pas.

I should be stripped of my mummy title and paraded through the city with a thousand teddy bears to warn other mummies what might befall them should they forget to pack the bear.

The big brother has owned Miffy and Stripey since he was a mere 8 weeks old and I don’t recall a night when he has slept without them. When we go away, I generally negotiate with him that one of them comes with us, whilst the other stays at home to protect his other toys which he is fine with. But sleep without either of them? I’m not sure it’s ever happened.

He came onto the phone and the accusations began. “You forgot to pack Miffy and Stripey”. He sounded utterly exhausted. I tried pointing out that he’d forgotten them too and neglected to put them out for me but it was futile. I was most definitely responsible.

Tallulah’s house is some 30 minutes away and I wasn’t much fancying the idea of getting a taxi all the way over there and back, just to deliver a stuffed rabbit.

“Do you think you could borrow one of Tallulah’s bears for tonight?” I asked cautiously.

He wasn’t sure.

“Why don’t you ask her? Mummy will stay on the phone”

Recognising the delicate state of the situation, Tallulah’s mummy intervened and thought this would be a brilliant idea.

“But what about Miffy and Stripey? They’ll be lonely without me!”

Oh heck.

I suggested they could sleep in my bed so they wouldn’t be alone and this was happily accepted.

I apologised profusely for forgetting to pack them and promised to take good care of them for the night.

And with that he was gone.

“Night night mummy. I love you.”


Bedtime Stories October 3, 2010

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Tonight, the blonde took a stand against the bedtime routine that we have employed for at least a year. Up until tonight, we have followed the same routine, day in, day out.

I am firmly of the belief that the only way to get babies sleeping through the night is to have a structured routine that is followed every day until they get the message. I apologise if I sound like the dreaded ‘love her or loathe her’ Gina Ford as I’m definitely not one of her fans. I tried her methods with the big brother and was in tears on day 1 as he simply refused to co-operate with her timed-to-the-second, daily routine. I had read her book cover to cover and understood the concept clearly. He however, had not, and did not!

So,the twinsmummy bedtime routine is simple. Bath, pyjamas, drink of milk, teeth cleaning, story and lights out. And that’s it. I don’t want to see you again until tomorrow. Lovely as you are, the daylight hours are enough.

All three of my children have grasped this concept without difficulty. Sure, we’ve had the odd night of resistance, but generally, they all understood that bedtime is for sleeping, and if they thought there was an alternative, they were sadly mistaken.

Now, our mini revolt from the blonde this evening fortunately had nothing to do with the actual act of going to bed. It was specifically related to the story time. Every night, I read the girls ‘a’ story. And that I suppose, is where the problem lies. Big brother has always enjoyed a story before bed with either Mummy or Daddy. The twins however, have always also enjoyed ‘a’ story. And it has clearly dawned on the blonde, that if big brother gets a story to himself, then she should to.

Each night I let one of the girls choose a book from the shelf and then I read it to the pair of them before lights out. Tonight, it was the brunette’s turn and she chose “Oh Dear”,  a cracking lift-the-flap book about searching for eggs with Buster. The blonde having hatched her plan earlier in the evening, also chose a book and headed off to her cot. She’s still a very keen Maisy fan, so tottered off into the nursery clutching “Maisy Goes Shopping”, and through a series of grunts and gesticulations, made it very clear she expected me to read it to her.

So, we started with “Oh Dear”. We moved on to “Maisy Goes Shopping”, and I accepted that from now onwards, we will be reading two stories each night at bedtime.