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PJs versus Sleepsuits May 24, 2010

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The twins have a vast selection of sleepwear. Some of it inherited from their older brother; some of it kindly given as gifts by doting grandparents, godparents and friends. Mostly, this sleepwear is in the form of traditional baby sleepsuits. You know, the kind with covered feet and poppers from head to foot? They’re a devil to put on a wriggling child but undoubtedly the cosiest form of sleepwear known to man. I’m happy to admit I’d love them to make them in my size.

Anyway, among the piles of sleepsuits, a pair of traditional pyjamas has crept in. They were a gift from the girls’ godparents and are cute in the extreme (the pyjamas, not the godparents, though they are obviously, very nice people). One pair has a picture of a very well-loved teddy on them, the other, a picture of Lola from Charlie and Lola and a caption explaining how she’s “not ever sleepy, not even at midnight o’clock”.

And here’s the thing; my little observation from this evening. With a sleepsuit on, my girls still look like babies. Albeit quite large babies, but babies nonetheless. With the pyjamas on, my babies turn into little girls. They literally look twice as old.

Don’t ask me how, or why this is but it’s true. And the really bizarre thing is, it made me feel a little sad. My tiny babies are growing up and they really aren’t babies any more. They are little girls. And let’s not forget, they are little girls with attitude. Who needs Lola? I’ve got the blonde and the brunette to contend with.


The Problem With Pink March 9, 2010

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Can I just say I do actually like the colour pink. Admittedly there are a few wishy-washy hues that I can live without, but on the whole, I approve.

Fuchsia, sugared-almond, blush, magenta, coral, rose, cerise, shocking. All of which can look stunning in the right situation be that a wall, a pashmina or a shoe. 

However, the problem with pink is that once you have a daughter, you become obliged to live your life in a permanent pink haze. And having twin daughters, just means the intensity of pink is far greater. 

When the girls were born, we were overwhelmed with generous gifts of clothes, toys, bibs and books. The common denominator? Almost all were, yes you’ve guessed it, pink! It’s as if there is an unwritten rule that states no newborn female should be exposed to anything other than pink.

I’ve often bemoaned the fact that buying clothes for boys is dull in comparison to what you can buy for girls. Boys can have shorts or trousers, t-shirts or shirts and are generally themed 1) cars, trucks, trains 2) space rockets or 3) wild animals.

Go and try to buy an outfit for a girl and you’ve got a whole world of choice. Dresses, skirts, trousers, leggings, pinafores, shrugs and culottes and that’s before you even start on the accessories. Coordinating or contrasting tights, sparkly shoes, hair clips, handbags, jewellery, hats. And don’t get me started on the matching knickers!

However, at least boy’s clothing comes in a wider variety of colour. Of course there’s the staple male ‘blue’ but my son’s wardrobe contains almost as much green, cream, brown and red. Or in Boden-speak – forest, stone, chocolate and tomato.

Look in my daughters’ wardrobe and it looks like Barbie is in residence. 

The thing that really scares me is the day when my daughters decide they will have a say in what they wear. From our experience with god-daughters and friends children, it seems that no matter what effort you make as a parent, once they reach the age of 2, anything that isn’t pink, frilly or ridiculous just doesn’t cut it. One friend’s daughter regularly leaves the house in pink wellies and a tutu. Pink, naturally.

I’ve yet to have to buy many clothes for my twins as so far, birthdays and Christmas gifts have comfortably seen us through the year. But I did make a few small purchases in the sales recently.

Broderie Anglaise blouses, floral cardigans and linen trousers.

Did I mention they were blue?