Yes, they're twins. Both of them!

Everyday experiences with twins. The ups, downs and downright unexpected.

A bit about them May 3, 2010

Well there’s me, twinsmummy, 30 something and British. A mummy of 3, rapidly losing her sanity in the name of motherhood.

Then there’s my husband. He’d rather I didn’t mention him at all so I’ll keep it simple. He exists!

My son, 5 and 3/4s. Year 1 at primary school though he informs me he’ll soon be called by Yoda to Jedi Knight training. I just hope we get a rebate on the school fees.

My twins, 14 month old non-identical girls. Twin 1 is ‘the blonde’, Twin 2 ‘the brunette’. So amazing, yet so exhausting.

My lovely Filipina helper, Joy. And she is…. a joy, that is.

The fish. Don’t ask. Currently we have 3. It could all change tomorrow.


5 Responses to “A bit about them”

  1. Rach x Says:

    is this you?…. from all those years ago of our graduate drinking days in beautiful Coventry? (This is Rach – was Snow…now Robson)

    I LOVE your blog site – makes me laugh out loud. You sound like you’re making perfect sense of the craziness of being a Mummy!


  2. The title of your blog captured my attention as I use to have to say this all the time! I would often get to the point (usually when beyond exhausted!) that I would reply to the question, “Are they twins?” with, “No. They are six months apart.” This usually made me laugh as I watched them try to figure it out. : ) I too have non-identical twin girls…one blonde…one dark blonde to brunette. What an amazing journey it has been! I look forward to reading more of your posts…thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog today.

  3. Iota Says:

    Ah. If only I’d been patient and read this one too, then I wouldn’t have asked about the fish on the first “About” page I read.

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