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Mumette’s Syndrome May 25, 2012

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There is a much ridiculed syndrome known as Tourette’s, which is most often associated with the seemingly spontaneous outbursts of socially inappropriate comments by sufferers. Over the past few days, I have recognised that I too am suffering from a startlingly similar affliction, and from talking to friends, believe I am not the only mother to be affected.

And what is this new syndrome?

I think the only appropriate name is ‘Mumette’s Syndrome’.

Much like Tourette’s, the exclamations flow from my mouth fast and furiously, as if my mouth and brain are no longer connected.

Driving down the lane from home to school this morning I find myself shouting, “LOOK, SHEEP!” at the children who obligingly coo and squeal at the sight of the spring lambs.

Further down the road we meet a tractor.


And then when we get to the level crossing.

“WOW – TRAIN. Look at the red lights flashing.”

All of which, you could safely put down to normal, child-friendly conversation of a morning. And it would be, if I were, in fact, in control of these exclamations. But I’m not.

Three days a week I have the luxury of three children in full-time care from 9am to 3pm, which leaves me free to catch up with all the jobs I need to do, but never get around to actually achieving while the small people are in my care.

I often find myself alone in the car, yet still compulsively shouting out my sightings to an absent audience.








Now, as I catch sight of other single adults driving in the opposite direction, I am confident I know what they are muttering…

WOMEN: “Look, it’s another Mumette’s sufferer”.

MEN: “Look, another crazy mother shouting to herself”.

Shall we try to form a support group?



7 Responses to “Mumette’s Syndrome”

  1. My husband has it too!! Not as scenic of course, but In the car, when it’s just me and him, he’s always calling out ‘Look train!’, ‘Look at that big truck!’ I gently remind him that he doesn’t need to point the poo trucks out to me!

  2. Iota Says:

    What’s a poo truck? Sorry to be ignorant…

    We have a game in the car. If you see a yellow car, you have to say “bingo!” (with the exclamation mark, of course). I find I say it if I’m on my own in the car – though I’m not a full Mumette’s case, as it’s usually only inside my head. Still wish I didn’t, though.

  3. Mrs Dubai Says:

    You’re just excited to see lambs, tractors and trains because you haven’t seen them for 25 years. Go on, admit it… 🙂
    BTW kids in school from 9 to 3? what heaven!

  4. Jules Says:

    HAha, i know exactly what you mean – was in the car talking to our friend J the other day having dropped off kids at nursery,mand nearly yelled out ‘look, blue train’!!!

  5. twinsmummy Says:

    What IS a poo truck?? I’m intrigued! And 9-3 childcare…. bliss! x

  6. emmalina73 Says:

    My Mum was on a bus once and shouted “Oh look, a big red fire engine!”. Unfortunately I wasn’t there with her. Cue embarrassment.

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