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Sayings of the week January 21, 2012

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“I’m very happy for you Mummy” = I’m pleased with what you’ve said or done to me Mummy.. keep it up.

“I’m not happy for my carrots / peas / broccoli” = I’d really rather not eat the vegetables tonight thanks.

“I’m a beautiful monkey” = I understand you think I’m a bit naughty/cheeky but aren’t I rather cute with it too?

“I don’t want to like a potty” – I really don’t need anything other than my nappy thanks.

“I want to eat the monkey food” – Please can I have a banana.

“It’s not school today” – I don’t want to go to nursery today. (Also applies to hair washing / bath time / eating peas)

“I love you mummy” – Translates literally… the very best quote yet.



Bedfellows January 8, 2012

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The twins have developed a truly embarrassing habit of climbing into every single bed that they come across, regardless of the time of day, or even the location.

At home this obviously doesn’t present a problem, and each time I go to my room, I fully expect to find the duvet flung back and the pillows rearranged, thanks to a little visit from my smallest friends.

It’s also become a regular treat, on climbing into bed at the end of the day, to stretch out my arms under the pillows and discover a little gift has been left for twinsdaddy and I to enjoy. Last night it was two wooden engines… Thomas and Percy I think. The night before it was a bejewelled tiara and matching earrings. Always handy to have a plastic tiara on standby in the small hours I find!

This is all fine and actually quite sweet, but unfortunately, their bed fetish now extends to any beds displayed in furniture stores.

Over Christmas, the twins tried out the children’s beds in IKEA, much to the amusement of their fellow shoppers. We smiled and encouraged them to get out, but they only obliged once a full product test had been completed.

Last week, I arranged to join a friend for a coffee in the Dubai Mall together with her youngest son. We met in Pottery Barn as its windows are currently decked in red SALE signs…a sight that I certainly can’t resist.

As we caught up with all the New Year’s Eve gossip that I’d missed thanks to an unwelcome bout of viral bronchitis, the twins wasted no time in locating a beautifully made-up double bed positioned in the heart of the store, in full view of both customers and staff. Before I could even think to suggest otherwise, they’d both bent over and removed their shoes, and proceeded to give each other a leg up onto the bed.

Once up on the neatly tucked quilt, they both started tugging vigorously at the folded sheets below. By the time I’d realised just how determined they were, they were both cuddled up under the covers, heads on pillows and chins resting serenely on the blanket as if butter wouldn’t melt.

Only the promise of croissants would budge them as I literally bribed them out from under the bedding.

If only they were so keen to get into bed at home each night, life would be so much simpler.