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There’s a goose in the house October 30, 2011

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When I was little, Halloween wasn’t really celebrated in any significant way.

I can remember my Dad being tasked by my Mum with carving a pumpkin into a lantern for us, and the mutterings and bad language that accompanied his efforts, but that’s about it. There certainly wasn’t any trick or treating in our village, and the shops had nowhere near the spread of decorations, toys and gimmicks that they do today.  The real excitement of the last week of October was the fact that bonfire night was just around the corner.

Fast forward 30 years and Halloween has suddenly become equal in status to Christmas or Easter! As well as costumes and decorations, you can now buy pumpkin carving kits, Halloween tattoos and even spooky foodstuffs.

Yesterday afternoon twinsdaddy was tasked with putting up our Halloween decorations, most of which are leftover from the infamous Halloween party we threw for the big brother and his friends last year. Fortunately, a party hasn’t been an option this year as he’s been invited trick or treating with one of his pals and having never been before, that’s now become his reason for living.

I personally don’t support the idea of scaring the wits out of children just for the fun of it, so our decorations are mostly of the harmless pumpkin variety. We’ve got a “Keep Out” sign that’s meant to look like a gravestone that hangs from the kitchen door but I think the meaning is lost on my three who just like to sweep under it swishing the plastic drapes as they go.

We’ve also got a bloody severed hand that was our one concession to the big brother last year when he rightly complained that there was absolutely nothing spooky or scary about our house. He takes great pleasure in sticking it behind the sofa so that when you sit down, you can feel a plastic finger digging into your spine. The girls aren’t worried, they think the blood is ketchup!

The only other semi-scary addition is the paper ghost who is now hanging from the light fitting in our lounge. The girls have perfected their scary “oooohhhhh aaaaaahhhh” noises that accompany the mere mention of it, but unfortunately for the brunette, she’s had a bit of confusion with her vocabulary.

Whenever she enters the lounge, she now starts making her scary ghost noises, then shouts, “Ooooooh mummy, there’s a goose in the house”.

At which point the big brother and the blonde collapse into fits of giggles, and her whole scary ambience is shattered.

It’s probably for the best.



The end of an era October 23, 2011

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Yesterday, we sold the Mountain Buggy. Now this probably doesn’t sound like a big deal to most people, but to us, it’s signalled the end of an era.

We bought the buggy after much lengthy debate when we were still in the UK but knew we were moving to Dubai. I’d done all the research possible on which was the best buggy for twins. More time, effort and energy went into choosing this stroller than we’ve ever spent on choosing a house or car!

Twinsdaddy thought it was an awful lot of money to be spending on a baby-mover. I remember one particular afternoon, at our neighbours house, dragging both our friends into the debate over whether we’d really feel the benefit of the rear suspension and proper air-filled tyres. They both diplomatically sat on the fence but were the first to pop over when the Mountain Buggy was delivered and take a peek at the contraption that had generated so much discussion. (If they’re honest, I think they were also just a tiny bit impressed with the rear suspension!)

When the girls were tiny, I’d pack them into the buggy, both laid out flat on the fluffy sheepskin inners, and walk for miles around Arabian Ranches where we lived at the time. They would snooze contentedly for an hour or more, whilst I convinced myself that every morning was at least another kilo of my baby weight lost forever.

It came on holiday with us; travelled back to the UK with us; trekked into the desert and paced miles through every mall in Dubai.

It was in the Mountain Buggy that we captured the photograph of both girls smiling for the first time; and the photo of the big brother, perched on the front footrest, pulling faces at his tiny sisters trying to make them giggle.

And now it’s gone to a really lovely couple who are awaiting the arrival of two adopted babies from Ethiopia.

They too cooed over its robust frame and big, springy wheels. They stroked the sheepskin inners and marvelled at the huge shopping basket. They too drive a Volvo.

And better still… they paid the asking price!


All I want for Christmas October 13, 2011

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The big brother is, and has been on Christmas countdown for some weeks. He hasn’t yet written a list, but suggestions for Father Christmas are regularly discussed as he fine tunes his requests for the festive season.

When the topic was raised yesterday, I decided to see if the twins have any comprehension of Father Christmas and the giving and receiving of gifts.

“Would you like Father Christmas to bring you a present?”, I asked the blonde tentatively.

“Mmm I like Father Christmas bring a present”, she replied, before spreading her hands out, shrugging her shoulders and adding, “but I don’t know what Father Christmas brings for presents?”

“Well what would you like?”, I ask her.

More thinking and a bit more shrugging before I see a little grin creeping across her face as she thinks of something.

“I like purple”, she says. “And blue. I like purple and blue from Father Christmas”.

The brunette nods in agreement.

“We like purple presents from Father Christmas.”

Sounds like it’s unanimous then.


When in doubt… bake October 9, 2011

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It’s been a particularly trying week. I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say it involved awkward tenants, vomiting 2 year olds, and our fabulous phone company deciding it would be great fun to cut off our wi-fi and landline for no apparently good reason.

It’s fair to say there were a few moments when my sense of humour evaporated and even more moments when I found myself head first in the wine fridge seeking a remedy for my frustrations.

But I also found solace in an unusual source. For reasons that I don’t fully understand, I decided that last week would be a great time to start baking! In the past 48 hours alone we’ve had autumn berry crumble, gooey chocolate brownies and banana and butterscotch muffins.

I know many mummies whip up these kind of delicacies on a near daily basis, but not me. I like to cook and I love to eat, but I always felt I lacked the baking gene. I can cope with savouries but cakes? No… just not my thing.

The children can’t believe their luck! I’m practically force-feeding them sweet treats at even the slightest signs of hunger. (Well, except for the blonde of course who’s still vomiting on an hourly basis).

Twinsdaddy is amused, if a little perplexed by the sudden domestic goddess routine but given the cost of alcohol here, I think is reassured that there’s only so much financial debt I can accumulate on a weekly basis whilst addicted to flour, sugar and eggs as opposed to Craggy Range!