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Precocious? September 29, 2011

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The brunette is attempting to balance herself on one leg whilst simultaneously wiggling her bottom. The blonde is watching, bewildered at her sister’s antics. After a moment, her curiosity gets the better of her and she decides to copy the brunette; so now there are two of them jiggling around in a most amusing fashion.

“What are you doing?”, I ask the brunette.

She looks at me, silently. This is not a new response. She invariably ignores whatever I am asking her, choosing instead to stare at me with her gorgeous green eyes whilst deciding whether I’m worthy of a response.

Today is no different. She looks straight through me whilst the blonde giggles.

More balancing and wiggling and a little topple as both lose their balance momentarily and knock into one another.

“What lovely dancing”, I say, hoping that I sound convincing.

And finally, the brunette speaks.

“It’s not a dancing mummy, it’s a ar-ab-esque”

Of course it is.


The word is spreading September 19, 2011

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This morning it became clear that the girls’ firm belief that they have blue blood is now shared by others.

On arrival at nursery, the twins were greeted by their teacher saying, “Oh look, the princesses have arrived!”

I checked behind me in case there were in fact, some bona fide princesses hanging around in the corridors; but no, just myself, Princess Blonde and Princess Brunette.

Today’s first activity was a hand painting of each child’s family tree… I kid you not!

This should make interesting viewing later. I can’t wait to see how many branches there are between me and the Queen!


Princess in training September 15, 2011

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The twins are obsessed with all things Princess-like. And no, I don’t mean the new Duchess of Cambridge, I mean proper princesses, of the Disney variety. Princesses who don tiaras every day and wear crackle in the dark polyester gowns drenched in sequins and faux-lace.

We were gifted a dressing up box from a friend a few months ago and whilst the girls enjoyed a brief dressing-up phase, for the past few months we’ve been spared the static shocks every time we went near them.

However, September has arrived, and with it, a renewed enthusiasm for all things regal. The brunette can’t even contemplate a meal without first adorning herself in at least 2 chiffon skirts and a sequinned tiara.

The blonde is more into shoes and handbags (takes after her mother), and will only face the day once she’s put on a pair of fluffy Barbie heels and dangled an elephant clutch bag round her neck. The worrying thing is that she’s become so good at teetering around, she can now run in heels far more competently than I can!

All this is very sweet and extremely predictable in a household of two girls, but what is becoming a slight concern, is that the twins now believe they really are princesses.

I hold myself partly responsible. Whenever the blonde or the brunette appears in yet another of their sparkly numbers, I have to admit to telling them they look ‘just like a princess’,  a phrase that is now much copied.

When they wake in the morning I can hear the blonde telling the brunette with confidence that she looks ‘just like a princess’ and the big brother has also been known to reiterate this fact to his little sisters.

All of which seems to have cemented in the girls’ minds that they are, in fact, princesses. Things came to a head at lunchtime when the brunette was refusing to get into her highchair for lunch. She ran the length and breadth of the dining room, giggling all the way, whilst shouting ‘No highchair, I’m too busy running’.

I told her she was a monkey, at which point she fixed me with a knowing stare and replied,

“Mummy, I am NOT a monkey. I don’t like ‘nanas and I am a REAL princess”.

To which the blonde nodded knowingly.

I’m not sure quite how to break it to them…


Let it be over September 7, 2011

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Across Dubai, women are growing wearier by the hour. Grey hairs are multiplying, tempers are fraying, and there is only one thought on their minds. When, oh when, will these holidays be over?

We’re now deep into week 11 of the school summer holidays, and I think the big brother has actually completely wiped the concept of school from his memory. In its place are endless playdates, sleepovers, trips to the cinema and days spent thrashing around in the swimming pool.

He claims to not remember who his new class teacher is or where his classroom is located. For my part, I’m seriously concerned I may not even remember where the school is located when I set off for the school run on Sunday morning it’s been so long.

The school summer holidays in Dubai are almost double the length of those in the UK and yet, my son is supposedly bang up to date with the UK curriculum, and he and his classmates are all comfortably exceeding the standards required by those critical souls at OFSTED.

Which rather begs the question, how is it that with extra subjects to be taught (Arabic lessons for every pupil 4 days a week at my son’s school) and reduced school hours and weeks, that these children are equal to, or even ahead of, their UK counterparts?

Are the teachers here far superior to those back home? Are all expats breeding super-pupils? I seriously doubt it.

Whatever the explanation is, I’m naturally thrilled that the big brother is getting a good education, but please, a plea from an extremely weary mummy, can we please, just get them back to school now. Seriously.