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Bye Bye Cock-ouch April 27, 2011

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The twins are becoming increasingly interested in other living creatures. They’ve recently discovered our two goldfish and are very keen to feed them at all opportunities.

They’ve also tried stroking them and picking them up for a cuddle, but to date, the fish have been rather unco-operative in this respect.

Last week they discovered a caterpillar in the front garden. (That’s the twins, not the fish.) Cue 15 minutes of cooing and poking before they could be coaxed inside to eat tea.

The caterpillar was mentioned again yesterday, some 6 days after first spotting it, and we all had to troop back to its first location, then express profound disappointment that the little bug had indeed, moved on.

So, imagine the excitement when we opened the front door this morning to find a dead cockroach on its back, on our front step.

“Ooooh was dat?”, came the excited chorus from the blonde and the brunette.

I explained that it was a cockroach and it was dirty and we really didn’t need to stroke it.

The blonde moved in for a closer look, me holding her by the edge of her pinafore just in case she fancied going in for a quick kiss.

And then great surprise from everyone concerned when the cockroach’s legs started jiggling.

“Oooh cock-ouch”

Oooh indeed.

I shouted for Joy. She’s great at swatting things and is a demon with the fly swat. I’m a bit girly and pathetic at killing things, either missing them entirely due to duff aim, or worse, managing a minor injury and then lacking the ooomph to put the poor beast out of its misery.

Joy has no such qualms.

We said goodbye to the cockroach and I closed the front door despite much protest from the blonde and the brunette who still felt there was bonding to be done.

“Bye bye cock-ouch” they chanted, as in the background, all that could be heard was the delightful sound of Joy whacking Mr Cock-ouch over the head with the dustpan and brush.


Bedtime Crisis April 22, 2011

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Sleepovers are becoming increasingly popular in the big brother’s social calendar and being the school holidays, this week was a prime opportunity for him to head over to Tallulah’s house for the night.

He’d been at another friend’s house in the morning whilst I was at work, so when he returned home, we were a little short on time. I asked him to get everything out on his bed that he needed for the night, and made helpful suggestions such as ‘PJs, toothbrush, Miffy’ etc.

He appeared downstairs a little later assuring me everything was ready and I just needed to pop it all in a bag for him.

It was about 4.45pm and the gruesome twosome were starting to become restless as tea time approached.

I dashed upstairs, plonked everything in the big brother’s wheelie case, not paying too much attention to the contents it has to be said; and then set about plying the girls with fish and peas.

Halfway through our game of pea tiddly-winks, Talullah arrived with her Mum to whisk number 1 son off for the night. From the moment she arrived I could get no sense out of him, delirious as he was at the thought of a night away and the promise of cinema and McDonald’s the following morning.

I barely got a second glance as he left home and had to cajole him into giving me a kiss as he left. And then he was gone. And it was just a girls night in.

There was a stack of work I needed to catch up on, so I packed the tiny people off to bed and grabbed a glass of Sauvignon blanc and my laptop and settled in for the night.

Twinsdaddy arrived home around 9pm at which point I abandoned work and decided there was no better time than the present to check in with Sky News and find out all the latest about the Royal Wedding. I am desperately excited!

At 930pm my phone rang and a quick glance showed it was Tallulah’s mummy. A desperate sinking feeling overcame me. Was he ill? Or homesick? Or having another nightmare about the headless man?

Oh no.

Mummy had neglected to pack Miffy and Stripey!

The ultimate faux pas.

I should be stripped of my mummy title and paraded through the city with a thousand teddy bears to warn other mummies what might befall them should they forget to pack the bear.

The big brother has owned Miffy and Stripey since he was a mere 8 weeks old and I don’t recall a night when he has slept without them. When we go away, I generally negotiate with him that one of them comes with us, whilst the other stays at home to protect his other toys which he is fine with. But sleep without either of them? I’m not sure it’s ever happened.

He came onto the phone and the accusations began. “You forgot to pack Miffy and Stripey”. He sounded utterly exhausted. I tried pointing out that he’d forgotten them too and neglected to put them out for me but it was futile. I was most definitely responsible.

Tallulah’s house is some 30 minutes away and I wasn’t much fancying the idea of getting a taxi all the way over there and back, just to deliver a stuffed rabbit.

“Do you think you could borrow one of Tallulah’s bears for tonight?” I asked cautiously.

He wasn’t sure.

“Why don’t you ask her? Mummy will stay on the phone”

Recognising the delicate state of the situation, Tallulah’s mummy intervened and thought this would be a brilliant idea.

“But what about Miffy and Stripey? They’ll be lonely without me!”

Oh heck.

I suggested they could sleep in my bed so they wouldn’t be alone and this was happily accepted.

I apologised profusely for forgetting to pack them and promised to take good care of them for the night.

And with that he was gone.

“Night night mummy. I love you.”


A Twinsmummy Award April 18, 2011

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About a week ago I was celebrating my ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ and now, chuffed to bits with that accolade, I find myself wanting to extend award season to another, and very different, recipient.

Step up….Le Meridien Al Aqah hotel.

Those lovely readers who have tracked our ups and downs for some time, will remember the nut near-misses during our holiday in Zighy Bay last November.

Following a few sharp intakes of breath there, regional getaways weren’t top of our list of fun, nut-free, activities.

However, as a result of over-indulgence in free cocktails at the parents’ ball, twinsdaddy felt it appropriate to bid at the auction for a 2 night stay at Le Meridien Al Aqah in Fujairah.

When questioned later, he explained that as I’d grinned at him from across the table as the auction started, he took this to mean, ‘secure this prize at all costs’, where in actual fact, a more likely message was, ‘I hope the food arrives soon as I’m a little tipsy’.

Convinced I was desperate to holiday in Fujairah, twinsdaddy enthusiastically secured the prize and with just a few weeks to go until the voucher expired, last weekend, we packed our bags and headed for the mountains.

We were more than a little concerned about how a large hotel would cope with the blonde’s allergy. After all, this is a large beach resort with over 200 rooms.

The Reservations staff had reassured us that everything would be fine, but we are now pre-conditioned to assume this means they won’t forcibly feed her peanuts, but any other nuts in any other form, in any of the eateries, is fair game.

How wrong could we be?

From the moment we checked in, we were given VIP status. Every member of staff in the place, and I really mean EVERY member of staff, was on the look out for us. We only had to set foot inside a restaurant before we were surrounded by men in white coats and hats offering to prepare anything that took the blonde’s fancy, in a specially segregated nut-free kitchen. It was remarkable.

We couldn’t find fault. And we’re really quite picky!

So, the inaugural twinsmummy award for ‘knock your socks off, we’re coming here again’ service levels goes to Le Meridien Al Aqah.

Next time we go, we might even relax!


A Headless Man is Chasing Me! April 12, 2011

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I haven’t been sleeping very well for the past few nights. I’d like to claim it’s because I’m working hard on a Middle East peace treaty, or am close to finding a cure for cancer; but actually, I’m kept awake with thoughts of an impending showroom launch pitch, and a concern over who we can find as entertainment if Cirque du Soleil don’t sign their contract soon.

Last night however, my head hit the pillow and I was out cold. Asleep within seconds. It was all going really rather well until a little voice in my head said:

“Mummy, a headless man is chasing me”

Only it wasn’t a little voice in my head, it was a little voice at the side of the bed.

“Huh, uh, what?”

It transpired that the big brother was having a nightmare. He’d been downstairs to discuss with twinsdaddy who was watching the news; and they’d jointly decided that mummy was the best person to deal with the situation.

Which she would have been, except I was so tired, and dazed and confused having been woken from my comatose state, that for a moment, I believed the headless man was quite possibly chasing me too.

“Where is he?”, I asked.

“Where’s who?”, said the big brother.

“The headless man?”

“He’s in Scooby Doo”

“So he’s not here then?”

I thought it best to be completely sure of the facts.

“No, I watched it earlier and then he was in my dream. Can I sleep with you?”

I was way too weak and tired to argue.

The big brother climbed in next to me, and as always, he nicked half my pillow, and insisted on lying on my side of the bed.

“I think it’s safer with you”, he clarified, clearly concerned that I may have second thoughts about him staying.

“You know there’s no such thing as a headless man don’t you?”

I thought it was worth making a last-ditch stab at reassurance to prevent any further rude awakenings.

“Yes – he couldn’t really chase me anyway, he wouldn’t be able to see where he was going.”

You’ve got to admit, he’s got a point.





Quote of the day April 10, 2011

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Surely the best compliment I’ve been paid in years.

Walking up the stairs earlier today with the blonde and brunette following behind.

A little sigh from the brunette and then..

“Oooh Mummy, cute bum”

I tell her often enough that she has the cutest little rear that she must have thought she’d return the compliment.

That girl will go far!


I’d like to thank the Academy… April 5, 2011

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Apparently I’ve been awarded a Versatile Blogger Award.

That lovely lady over at The Novice’s Journey thinks I am worthy of a nod, which is really rather kind and quite flattering, so thank you.

Now before I get too carried away and end up sobbing as I thank the goldfish and the burglar for inspiring me, there are apparently some rules that have to be followed.

1. Thank and link to the person who awarded you.

2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

3. Pass the award on to 15 new-found blogging buddies.

4. Contact those buddies, and congratulate them!

Now I am completely happy with all of these bar number 2. Do you really want to know 7 random facts about me? I’m not entirely convinced.

And what does random mean?

Random, secret?

Random, odd?

Random implies I can write down any old thing that comes to mind, but clearly, having just been classified as a “versatile blogger”, there’s some pressure to come up with something witty, intelligent and insightful.

So let’s do the easy bit first.

My personal nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award:

Dubai’s Desperate Housewife

95 Acres of Sky

Are we nearly there yet mummy?

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Mum versus kids

Housewife Confidential

Love me again

A Modern Mother

Red Ted Art

The Blog Up North

Madame Guillotine

Ladybird World Mother

My Daddy Cooks

Diary of a White Indian Housewife

Baby Loves to Travel

I’d love to claim I read all of the above on a regular basis, but that would be a lie. However, all of the talented writers listed have at some point made me smile, inspired me or made me realise that perhaps, my experiences really aren’t that random.

Oh yes, back to that random list again. 7 fascinating facts you never knew about twinsmummy:

1) I have to write. Despite my over-reliance on a Macbook and iPhone, I can’t go anywhere without a pen and paper. I make notes about anything and everything. I make lists to categorise my lists. It’s my obsession. Once Apple launch a pen and notebook, my life will be complete.

2) Which brings me neatly to my most favourite things. My Mont Blanc pen (black ink only), my leather diary and a never-ending supply of Black and Red notebooks. I use these every single day without fail.

3) I have no spatial awareness. I honestly cannot tell you if my car is parked 10 metres or 100 metres away. I cannot estimate how long anything is, or how wide. It drives me mad but it drives my husband more mad! Let’s just say I’m not very good in car parks!

4) Despite the blonde’s allergy, or maybe because of it, I now crave peanuts. I can’t get enough of them. When I was in Australia recently , one of my first acquisitions was a jar of crunchy peanut butter as we can’t have it in our house. I was like the R White’s secret lemonade drinker for a whole week! Naughty nut consumption.

5) I’m utterly scared of the dark. If my husband is away, I have to check under the bed and in the wardrobes before going to sleep. I have no idea what I think I am going to find. To date, I’ve never found a thing, but you just never know.

6) When I eat out, I always read the dessert menu first so I can plan accordingly. I’m a great fan of food, but for me, the proof is always in the pudding.

7) Quite by coincidence, all my children share their names with famous children’s fictional characters.

So there you have it!