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I’m sure holidays used to be easier than this August 24, 2010

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This week, the party bus has moved to Stow on the Wold. We are having a few days en famille, before heading back to the sandpit at the weekend. It was supposed to be an excuse for some ‘quality’ time together. A holiday for just the five of us.

Now I’m sure I remember a time when holiday’s involved nice restaurants, great bars and the only consideration of a morning was “pool or beach?”. Days passed leisurely with no thoughts of whether or not the day’s bistro would have baby-change facilities, or if high chairs were freely available. Come to think of it, I don’t remember ever seeing any children on the holidays we used to indulge in. We were more discerning than I’d given myself credit for.

Things have definitely changed. This morning, we were woken by the sounds of shouts various coming from the children’s bedroom. We are staying in a beautiful Cotswold stone cottage that was designed and built for a family of munchkins. It is cute and quaint but the novelty of cracking my skull every time I walk upstairs to the one and only toilet in the property, has well and truly worn off.

There are two bedrooms, so the children are all in together. This has worked very well in the past as they seem to amuse each other. However, for reasons best known to the little people, this morning, no one was enjoying anyone’s company.

We thought we’d solved the problem by separating no. 1 son from the twins. He came into our bed and we left the girls to go back to sleep. No. 1 son then proceeded to kick and wriggle for a full hour before we admitted defeat and told him he could go and play downstairs.

Still hopeful of a tiny bit more shut-eye, we tried to ignore the wailing from the girls room but after another 20 minutes, admitted the inevitable and plucked them from their cots. Their mood hadn’t improved much and there was a fair amount of grizzling before milk arrived.

Getting them dressed proved more of a challenge than usual and once clothed, twin 1 decided it would be great fun to start battering her sister with a book. Twin 2 wasn’t amused. Twin 1 swiftly moved from paperback to hardback and before we could say “Maisy Goes to Playschool”, twin 2 had taken a vicious blow to the nose.

The wailing was instantaneous and we were ready for it. What we weren’t prepared for was the sudden rush of blood that followed. The poor girl had a nose bleed and dear God, was it messy. Twin 1 sat in bemused silence as twin 2 sobbed with all her might, which was perfectly understandable, but just served to hasten the flow of blood that by now had spread way beyond her pjs, soaking her father and heading for the lovely pale blue White Company bedding.

Did we leave a deposit when we booked?

I glanced over at the clock. 8.17am. I hope the next 10 hours are a little less fraught.


3 Responses to “I’m sure holidays used to be easier than this”

  1. Zookeeper Says:

    This made me laugh! The violence has started with my girls too hope the esteemed gastro pub in Dorset where we are staying for a wedding this weekend has more space for cat fights!

    I wanted to ask you – do you have to pay for your followers to get email updates of your posts? This isn’t available on blogger & something that I really wanted!

  2. twinsmummy Says:

    No charge for the email updates with WordPress.

    Hope the wedding goes well… you brave woman! It’s not yours is it?

    • zookeeper Says:

      No, not mine, we should have done it years ago, not when a little WD40 is needed! It’s a friend from uni! She is the fourth daughter to get married so on a shoestring (her poor father, literally!) but it was fun and the girls were well behaved (ish). More of in a blog post.

      That’s good re email updates. I’ll have to change to WordPress toute suite. So no charges at all?
      I am about two blog posts behind. One of our dogs is dying (cancer) and it’s all so swift not sure what to do with myself. Honestly it feels like losing a child, we’ve had him so long….I wish having children would put it all in perspective – well, it does, but it doesn’t seem to make it any easier.

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