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Teething problems January 25, 2010

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I’m starting to wonder if my son’s baby to toddler development was actually a figment of my imagination. Whilst I do remember that it wasn’t all plain sailing, he did sleep through the night at 8 weeks, progressed to solids without any major drama and then gained teeth, crawled and walked, all without incident.

I don’t recall endless weeks of him being below par. I don’t remember days where he sobbed from dawn until dusk. In fact I don’t remember any major issues except when he got his hands stuck in a lift door and that provided all the drama I could deal with plus a little more for good measure!

I suppose what I’m trying to say is it all seemed much easier first time around. Which is strange. Because everything I read suggests that it is far easier for us mummies on the second time around the track.

My twin daughters seem to be struggling with teething pains this week. Last week was the sick bug, the week before that I think they had colds and before that… well I don’t actually recall but judging by the ever-diminishing Calpol supplies in the medicine cabinet, there must have been something wrong.

I almost work it into their daily routine now. Bottle of formula… check. Porridge… check. Play time… check. Sleep time… check. Large dose of the sticky pink stuff….check. 

Now the thing with twins is, you can only really deal with one at a time. So, you enter the nursery and are greeted by two snotty-nosed, red-faced, sobbing children. Both desperately shaking the bars of their cots in the hope of gaining freedom. Except that’s not actually what they want at all. They want you. And they want a cuddle. And they want it now. So which one do you choose? Do you choose the real drama queen who will otherwise implode when she sees you reach for her sister. Or do you choose the calmer, more laid-back of the two on the basis that if she is this upset, there really must be something wrong?

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no way around this and despite the law of averages, whichever one I choose, it’ll be wrong!


Sick Bay January 21, 2010

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I’m quickly discovering that having three children means a continuous cycle of bugs! When my son was younger, he’d fall for the usual coughs, colds and sick bugs every now and again. He probably had some sort of ailment every three to four months and to be honest, that felt often enough. However, if this is an average statistic that every child has some sort of illness every three to four months and I have three children. Well as the Americans say, ‘you do the math’! 

Two weeks ago, Twin Two had a nasty virus. Her mouth and gums were swollen making eating and drinking very painful. Consequently, she did neither for a few days which is always awful as twinsmummy becomes utterly convinced that her dear child will waste away in a matter of hours. It was a long few days of sobbing, late nights, early mornings and multiple cuddles. And that was just twinsmummy.

Now, Twin One has some sort of sick bug and I have changed more outfits in the last 24 hours than Victoria Beckham. I’m seriously considering fashioning some sort of sarong from plastic bin bags as at least then I’d have a wipe clean surface.

I have to admit to being quite concerned that so much could actually come out of someone so small. My darling daughter must have vomited her entire body weight and of course she did this precisely 7 minutes before I was due out of the door to pick Big Brother up from a party. I’m not sure I’ll be invited to any Mummies gatherings any time soon. Anyone that shows up smelling of eau de vomit is not likely to find herself at the top of any guest list.

I could be wrong, but somehow I feel this would be so much more acceptable back in the UK. There seems to be an unspoken rule that expat Mummy must always be groomed and glossy. Back at home groomed is not a word familiar to many of the village Mummies but that is the basis of a whole new blog.

And so another day starts in sick bay. My dear girl has had a drink and is now back in bed resting. I have dressed appropriately in leggings and a t-shirt. Both of which can be peeled off in seconds, thrown in the washing machine and will probably be dry and ironed at about the same time that Twin Two goes down with the sick bug. Happy days…


Birthday etiquette January 20, 2010

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As much as I can’t believe it, almost a full year has passed since my dear girls entered this world. Three weeks from now we will be celebrating the twins’ first birthday and naturally, this occasion cannot pass without a suitable level of celebration.

My initial plan was an intimate birthday party the following weekend for my fabulous Mummies group, a selection of other close friends and of course, the five of us. However, having drafted a guest list, I discovered that this small gathering amounted to 28 adults, 9 over 4s and 12 under 2s. I followed this with a suggested catering requirement list (I do like a list!) to work out not just food but booze requirements and of course crockery, cutlery, glasses, napkins… I could go on but I sense the detail is not key for anyone other than myself. 

Then of course there is the cake to consider. Clearly the modern Mummy should be capable of baking the perfect birthday offering for her cherished offspring but I’m afraid in my case and much to my mother’s disgust, I am relying on the services of a tried and tested professional.  Ordering the cake threw up the first of many queries relating to a birthday celebration for twins.

Question: Should they have one cake or two? My son has always enjoyed his own cake, will they be scarred for life if forced to share? Answer: One cake, decision based entirely on financial grounds. Who knew there was so much money in eggs, flour, sugar and copious amounts of questionable food colouring?

Question: Should they have one candle or two? Answer: It really makes no difference as they aren’t able to blow them out and will have to rely on Big Brother to assist. Having said that, I’ve bought two, both in the shape of the number one so as my other half pointed out, it looks like we’ve got an eleven year old!

 So, armed with the catering list, the guest list and some really lovely invitations I purchased months ago I did the sums and reached the conclusion that this small, low-key celebration was actually working out marginally less costly than the christening. With family and godparents back in the UK, whose benefit is this party actually for? 

There was only one way forward. I sat with my dear girls and explained, in words of one syllable and with added facial expression and hand gestures, that their birthday celebrations would consist of a chocolate cake and  a packet of pink balloons. Would that be ok I asked? Would they feel cheated or hard done by? I needn’t have worried. Twin 1 blew a raspberry and Twin 2 wandered off.


New Year and resolutions January 11, 2010

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Well for one I’m going to try and actually write my blog. I have the utmost good intentions but my days seem to lack that vital ingredient…. spare time!

By the time I have all three children in bed, the only thing I wish to focus on is the decision making process involved in choosing gin or wine. In fairness, the decision rarely takes long to make, but I do like to savour the results.

Perhaps writing with the glass is the only way forward? I tell you what, come back this evening, I’ll give it a try!