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They’re on the move! December 13, 2009

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It’s probably the most natural thing in the world that I find myself willing my girls on in every conceivable way. Trying to get them to utter their first word, which clearly has to be ‘Mummy’. I didn’t quit the rat race for a life of dirty nappies, crawling around on the floor and pureeing vegetables only to get zero recognition in return!

Then I find myself encouraging them to hold a spoon, to clap their hands, to pull faces. Anything in fact, which proves that they are developing and learning new tricks that will impress the other Mummies and of course, the doting grandparents.

So I now find myself facing a small dilemma. Desperate as I am to boast about the skills of my dear twins, I have watched them both start to crawl with what can only be described as mounting panic. Having spent weeks positioning toys ‘just’ out of reach, and waving and cajoling from the far side of the room, it should have come as no surprise that one of them would take the bait.

Having one on the move is one thing. The experience of my son discovering mobile independence seems like only yesterday. But two of them on the move? A whole different experience. And can anyone explain to me if twins are so perfectly in sync, why do they both not want to crawl in the same direction?

Christmas is now fast approaching, and with it 10 days in my parents beautiful, antique-filled Victorian pile, every room packed with sub-1 metre high temptations. There is only one consolation to be taken from the current situation. At least they’re not walking.