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Matching Knickers October 25, 2009

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Since having twin girls, it’s become something of a revelation to discover that baby girls dresses almost always come with matching knickers. So small, so cute, so… matching! Now is this because an 8 month old could potentially be embarrassed by inadvertently flaunting her nappy? Or is it to make Mummy feel better that she has indeed produced a beautifully groomed and co-ordinated child? Either way it begs the question, why doesn’t Mummy’s dress come with co-ordinating undies? At times there is just as much risk of Mummy displaying her smalls as she bends over to assemble the double buggy for the umpteenth time in a day as there is of her two daughters flashing their own undies. So, to dress designers everywhere, a request. Please can we have co-ordinating pants?


Hello world! October 22, 2009

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Well it’s about time they found their voices. They’ve spent the past 8 months being gawped at while twinsmummy answers the same questions regarding their age, sex, similarity (or not in their case) and birth experience.

So, for the record, let’s get the basics sorted before we go any further. Yes, they are twins. Yes, both of them (yes, really – this has been asked and in the presence of such utter stupidity, twinsmummy could only smile and mutter ‘yes’). They are both girls, and no, they are not identical. The fact that they have totally different features, hair colour, eye colour and skin colour should provide a clue, but hey, let’s keep things simple.

So, this morning we’re off for social interaction with our baby friends. In loose translation this means twinsmummy gets some desperately needed adult conversation with fellow mummy’s whilst the girls get to drool on and chew someone else’s toys for a change. Perfect!